About Us


 Products of 47 is handcrafted beaded jewelry solely made by Leeann.  Located in SC, she is blessed with the opportunity to work from her home studio where she creates her work and runs her multi-faceted business.   Since there is never just one thing that everyone is interested in, she does not limit herself to one particular style when designing and making her jewelry.  She strives to create fashionable and practical jewelry that is unique, versatile, colorful and fun.   Her extensive background in art gives her a keen eye and a strong foundation for her designs.  Making pieces that are as different from each other as people are as individuals.  



After college, I started teaching myself basic jewelry making techniques in my spare time.  I realized that creating and designing jewelry was a great creative outlet for me, especially when confronted with a boring office job and it quickly became an obsession.  After repeated interest in my work from family & friends, I  decided to make it into a business. So it all began as an intriguing  hobby and now Products of 47 is my full time passion.


 Hi There!   My name is Leeann.  I’m an artist/ designer and I use jewelry as a way to express myself, both by creating the jewelry and by wearing it!  I have eclectic taste and love varying colors, textures and styles.  Family is one of the most important aspects of my life and I am happily married with a newly born son, and loyal dogs.  

 Products of 47 is a small multi-faceted business, that is made up of different “branches” to represent various styles of handmade work.  Some of these branches extend out to include other things such as handmade floral accessories & home décor, but currently Products of 47’s main focus is on hand crafted fashion jewelry.   My business is called Products of 47 because the numbers 0, 40 & 7 have a significant and often symbolic meaning (especially in faith). I work under a philosophy that everything (e.g. a seed, bead, caterpillar or person) begins as something small and seemingly insignificant. But through time, transition and design, what starts out as small, grows into something beautiful with a purpose.